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Move In Day Checklist

What should you do first when you arrive to campus on move in day?  Follow the list below to set yourself up for a successful first day!

1. Be sure to fill out your RCR, and emergency information card.

2. Get your keys for your room and mailbox.

3. Meet your RA. RA's should help you find anything and answer your questions.

4. Check out your room. Report any maintenance issues to your RA that you do not see on your RCR, just to ensure that you will not be charged for anything you didn't do.

5. Get your Parking Pass. You must have this to park on campus. Also, if you didn't do it during Orientation or do not have one from last year, get your ID made at Campus Security. You will need this for eating and getting into your complex.

6. Meet your roommate, if you haven't already. If your roommate is not here yet, be sure that you leave space for his/her belongings. Don't worry about decorating and hanging pictures yet...wait and figure that out with your roommate.

7. Look over the information in this packet. It has LOTS of great stuff in it and will probably answer many of your questions (i.e. directions, voicemail, etc.)

8. Make sure you have eaten and are drinking lots of water...moving in can take a lot out of you!

9. Explore the campus. Find the dining hall (Harrington Place), Campus Security, and where most of your classes will be.

10.Review the Towering Traditions (TT) schedule and plan to attend the events.

11.Meet other residents and students. Everyone is (or at least has been at one point) in the same boat as you...don't be afraid to ask where buildings and Nashville sites are.

12.If you have any questions at all, be sure to ask a member of the TT or Residence Life staff. They are there to help you as much as possible.

13.Say goodbye to friends and/or relatives that helped you move into your new home.

14.Everything doesn't have to be done on the first day.