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Experiential Learning

Our Pharmacy Practice Experience Programs (PPEPs) are delivered in collaboration with and through our pool of full-time Practice Faculty, Affiliate Faculty, and Pharmacy mentors (collectively referred to as Experiential Education Faculty).  PPEPs help our students develop knowledge from experience as well as to use knowledge to gain experience.  Creating this fundamental link between practice and knowledge helps to build core competencies plus, instill values and attitudes essential to providing patient care in the pharmacy setting.  This form of Experiential Education provides our students with the fundamental skills to prepare them for careers in healthcare administration, public policy and other areas of the healthcare arena and the profession of pharmacy.

The College of Pharmacy coordinates APPE and IPPE opportunities for students at locations in Tennessee and across the United States within regulatory guidelines developed by each state.  International opportunities are also available.  Belmont University is part of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) which guides placement in most states.  Note:  PPEP placements are not currently available in North Carolina or Illinois.

Interested in becoming part of the Experiential Education Team? 
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RxPreceptor is utilized by the Office of Experiential Education to provide students information on rotation experiences and what each site/faculty member has to offer. It is also the program responsible for assigning students to rotations based on faculty availability and student preference. It may be accessed at .

Pharmacist's Letter is a subscription service provided to College of Pharmacy's Affiliate Faculty free of charge. Resources available through Pharmacist's Letter include not only the monthly published Pharmacist's Letter but also the National Preceptor Database, the Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database, as well as opportunities to obtain continuing education credits online with the CE-in-the-letter service.  Pharmacist's Letter can be accessed at  

Student Portfolios are utilized during the Pharmacy Practice Experiences to allow students to keep track of their professional development and growth in an organized fashion. The portfolios will also be utilized during times of evaluation to identify strengths, weaknesses, and what competencies have been achieved. Portfolios may be accessed at .

The Tennessee Board of Pharmacy website contains useful information pertaining to licensure in the state of Tennessee. All students and experiential education faculty are expected to be familiar with the Tennessee state requirements for obtaining a pharmacist license. This site may be accessed at .



Lila D. Bunch Library Pharmacy Affiliate Faculty resource page


Program Coordinator: Dr. Mary Lefler

Program Manager: Adam Stout

Program Director: Dr. Angela Clauson