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How do I find information on grants and sponsored programs?

Take advantage of the SPIN service offered through the Bunch Library. Other resources are trade and professional publications,, and your professional societies. Jenny Mills in Bunch Library is ready to help you use SPIN and find other resources.

How do I know I have read the instructions and rules for grant writing effectively?

Typically, the grant sponsoring agency provides detailed explanations of the instructions and the rules for writing the application. The grant or sponsoring agency typically has a contact person who will be able to answer questions. Cindy White can assist you with questions about the budget for the grant as well as checklists and submission protocols.

Is there an approval process for seeking external funding?

Yes. Start planning your project as early as possible. Give your dean at least two weeks to review and have the external proposal routing form reviewed by the Provost Council. The earlier you can engage your colleagues in the project you are proposing, the more time you will have for it to be read and reviewed by helpful peers.

What types of projects does Belmont University seek to have funded with grants and other funds?

You are welcome to apply to funds to support your own research and scholarship, program development and curricular enhancements. Student and faculty research is strongly encouraged.

What support services does Belmont University provide for me if I want to write a grant?

Jenny Mills will assist you in finding grants through SPIN; Cindy White will assist you in budget development, checklists and submission protocols; and, Dr. Sally Barton-Arwood will work with you in the use of Mentor IRB for IRB support.

What are some tips for being successful in grant writing?

Read the instructions carefully and understand all the parts of the application; write a clear, descriptive narrative that outlines the solution to the problem the grant seeks to answer; share your work with colleagues to build a strong and broad understanding of how the campus community might be engaged in your efforts; and, proofread carefully! Always tell the story of Belmont and emphasize how the university can respond to the purpose of the grant.

Is there a checklist of common steps to follow in writing grants?

There are checklists available on the web and typically the RFP will have a guide for submission.

What about IRB (Institutional Review Board)?

Belmont has a faculty IRB committee chaired by Dr. Sally Barton-Arwood. We use the Mentor IRB software system to process IRB applications. This allows us to efficiently review IRB applications and collect and maintain records on IRB requests generated in support of research.

Learn more about IRB.
> Lear about the Institutional Review Board process and how to submit your application via MyBelmont